George Graves

April 15, 1923 - June 9, 2010

He will be missed.

George "Hoot" Graves

His great life began as one of the Graves’ nine children. He grew up in Uvalde and was known as “Hoot”. He played football at Uvalde High School and was a lifelong supporter of the Coyotes team. He was attending the University of Texas when World War II came along so he didn’t finish but enlisted in the Navy where he served on a submarine. When he came back to Uvalde after the war, he married and went to work for the family lumber company, Graves Lumber Company in North Uvalde. He got his real estate brokers license in 1950 but continued to work at the lumber company until it closed. Then he became a full time real estate broker and sold many homes but his love was ranches. He loved to show them and loved to sell them. His goal was to make people happy. He was a very generous man and everyone who came in contact with him never forgot his kindness. George "Hoot" Graves passed away on June 9, 2010.